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  • Receipt of orders
    Order the production of cakes only via e-mail: admin@levneplacky.cz, contact form or on the phone number: +420 725 539 673
    Please state the following in the order:
    - the number of pieces you are interested in
    - size and design of the pancake
    - attach documents
    - Send your billing and shipping address
    - Choose a payment method
    - provide telephone contact
    - the following can be specified: the required date of dispatch, etc ...
  • Time of making
    1. We usually process smaller orders of up to 200 pieces and send them within 48 hours. These orders can also be made by express production within 24 hours, but this variant depends on the workload of production.
    2. Orders from 200 to 1000 pieces can be shipped in about 3-5 days.
    3. Orders in the range of 1000 - 2000 pieces - about 6 days.
    4. Large orders in a larger range, over 2000 pieces, it is better to order at least a week in advance (if you are in a hurry to order, it is possible to divide it and send the second part at a discounted price later).
  • Payment Terms

    Payment on delivery:

    Target groups: smaller orders up to 1000 pcs, new clients
    Advantages: speed (shipment is sent immediately after it is made)
    Disadvantages: higher price (fee for cash on delivery is 20 CZK without VAT)

    Invoice payment:

    Target groups: regular clients, orders over 1000 pcs
    In the case of orders over 2000 pieces, we reserve the right to request a deposit of 50% of the total amount, which will be payable by advance invoice.
    The invoiced amount is due on the date stated above, if the customer does not make the payment by the due date, he will be charged a penalty for delay of 1 percent of the total price of the order.
    Advantages: lower price (you do not pay cash on delivery)

  • Transport

    Domestic and international transport is preferably provided through PPL.
    The price of transport for the Czech Republic is 99 CZK without VAT. Cash on delivery price: 119 CZK without VAT.
    Prices of transport to Slovakia are: 250 CZK without VAT or 300 CZK without VAT when paying by cash on delivery.

    - Delivery time declared by the carrier is 24 hours
    - FREE shipping on purchases over 2,000 pieces
    - The price of postage depends only on the type of payment of the contract, not on its size.
    - Other transport options by prior arrangement

  • GDPR

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